Tips for Interview

February 1, 2019

1) Research the Industry and company

The interviewer may expect you to know how clients perceive the company’s position in the industry, company’s competitors, advantages or disadvantages over competitors, Industry & company details.

2) The reasons you want the job

You need to prepare on why the interviewer should select you, what is the value addition you would give to the company, what abilities you possess and why you want the job.If the interviewer thinks that you are not really interested in the job, then he/she won’t give you the job, no matter how good you are.

3) Anticipate the interviewers concerns and reservations.

There are many candidates for a job position and you need to anticipate what the interviewer is looking for in the short listing criteria.

4) Choose your Words

Be careful on how you choose your words, these words are triggers for the interviewer to ask you the next question, or question the concepts you have put forth.

5) Prepare for common Interview Questions

There would be a list of common questions for the type of interview you are attending depending on the sector, the position applied for etc. So prepare before hand.

6) Prepare for the questions you could ask the interviewer

Mostly interviewers ask"  for any questions that you might have" , so prepare for intelligent questions for the interviewer

7) First impression is the last impression

The interviewer makes up his mind in the first 5 minutes and then asks questions to confirm his decision in later questions. Be dressed according to standards and as per the post’s requirement. Have a good posture, do not wear strong perfume, make eye contact. The energy that you carry also makes a lot of difference.

8) Be assertive  

Being polite is not always being passive and just answering what has been asked, your answers can change the direction of the interview.

9) Think Positive

Being positive is the most important thing in an interview, the interviewer and the company wants a positive thinker, an innovative thinker and who would add value to the company not be a burden. The interviewer might tell you things to put you off and check your reaction, so be aware and stay positive throughout the interview.

10) Bring a copy of your Resume for the interview

You need to carry a copy of your resume and relevant documents for each interview.

11) Be ready with behavior based questions

The interviewer may ask your experiences like, what decisions you made in challenging situations, or when you made wrong or unpopular decisions, what were the things you did. The interviewer might ask you your experiences to check how you reacted in situations.