The Learning Curve

March 11, 2021

The Learning Curve

1. Remembering

Our today’s education system is based on remembering and reproducing in exams to get a degree. We have Google & the internet; at our fingertips, we can access information any time and from anywhere.  Today’s world is moving from the internet to data analysis to artificial intelligence. We need to be ahead of in just remembering things to be of any relevance in the job market and in this world.

2. Understanding

The second stage is not just to remember but to understand what it means, understanding comes when we start relating to practical aspects mentally and gain a perspective about things learned.

3. Applying

After understanding the subject matter, there is a need to understand practical aspects associated with it, to apply the knowledge in the practical world and in the real sense. Applying any knowledge also requires us to understand their consequences and how they can be handled to gain the desired result.

4. Analyzing

Analyzing gives a better insight in understanding whether we have understood the subject matter, related practical knowledge, applied procedures, Consequences of applied procedures & whether we have taken the right decision.

5. Evaluating

By evaluating, we can evolve at a better solution, by weighing multiple possibilities of applications and their results in relation to a different perspective like scale, economies, environment, etc.

6. Creating

Something new can happen only if the above five steps fall in place, after evaluating multiple possibilities, a decision needs to be taken, Model & processes need to be created and followed to create something viable and sustainable.