Required Humans NOT Robots

January 23, 2020

Automation in industries have taken away millions of jobs and now it is estimated that around 20 million jobs could   be taken over by robots by 2030.

We have seen a rise in technological applications across sectors which has changed the way businesses are being    done, business models, processes and the way customers are being perceived.  The next stage is in the field of artificial intelligence which is just in its nascent stage, where machines would be given huge data and the interrelation among data, to arrive at a conclusion. Further these machines would fall into a learning loop, and they would start learning things on their own.  Jobs which rely on taking decisions on logical data would be lost and the scale would be unimaginable.

The present education system is based on the European model of industrialisation , where they just required labourers. Labourers who wouldn’t think or analyse and just do what they are told to do. Presently we have crossed the automation & robotic phase and now entering the artificial intelligence phase.

The future is for those who can upgrade their skills in being more human. Humans who can be compassionate, understand human psychology, emotions, who can motivate and get motivated, who can Love their jobs and work with a different perspective

Avadhut . Sukhatankar